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Tuchscherer donation will establish a National History Day Endowment

Posted 9/11/23 (Mon)

In a notable act of philanthropy, Jim and Gerd Tuchscherer recently contributed a $100,000 donation to the State Historical Society of North Dakota Foundation.This generous gift will establish an endowment that will play a pivotal role infunding stipends for the victorious participants of the National History Day state contest, enabling them to attend the prestigious National contest in Washington DC. 

The State-level National History Day contest offers students in grades 6–12 an opportunity to immerse themselves in history through research conducted in libraries, archives, and museums. Projects centered on North Dakota subjects that achieve high recognition will receive financial awards from the Tuchscherer endowment. 

Jim and Gerd Tuchscherer's educational careers in Saint Paul and Anoka, Minnesota, along with their deep-rooted connection to the family farm in Pierce County, North Dakota, were crucial factors that influenced their decision to establish an endowment in support of National History Day. "My wife and I are very lucky, very fortunate that we're financially able to do this, to contribute,"expressed Jim with humility. "So, I consider it money well spent."
The Tuchscherer’s ties to their ancestral farm run deep, spanning four generations. Jim takes pride in recounting the enduring legacy of his family, sharing, "Two of my Great Grandfathers, along with my Grandfather, established their homesteads in Pierce County, specifically in Jefferson, Ness, and Alexanter Townships." Even today, during the farming season, Jim holds the role of managing partner for the family farms situated near what he affectionately calls the "other Twin Cities" of Orrin and Balta.

The establishment of the Jim and Gerd Tuchscherer National History Day endowment exemplifies their steadfast dedication to preserving the history of North Dakota. Their generous contribution guarantees that upcoming generations of aspiring history enthusiasts will have the chance to pursue their passion and proudly represent North Dakota on the national stage. In doing so, they cultivate a lasting legacy of education and heritage that will undoubtedly thrive for many years into the future.