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History’s Trustees - Foundation’s Partners

History's Trustee

More than 200 Trustees have been nominated by our governors and key supporters and have chosen to join the Foundation as partners from communities around the state and even out of state. Trustees make a $2002 financial pledge or provide in-kind services to the Foundation, supporting membership development work and capital fundraising efforts which are making the expansion plans of the Society a reality. Without the participation of our Trustees, the Foundation would not have had the resources to expand in order to launch legislative initiatives or prepare for fundraising. But with this base of personal support and financial support from Trustees, the Foundation has grown to be a substantial and significant partner to the North Dakota State Historical Society.

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Trustee Activities: Trustees are not asked to attend meetings, but are invited to “special events” and attend regional luncheons to be updated on our plans and visions for the two organizations. Many Trustees are very actively involved in particular projects and some only participate financially. Trustees serve in a manner that suits them.


Honorary History’s Trustees 

Families, organizations and significant leaders in our state have chosen to honor individuals by nominating them as Honorary History’s Trustees. Donations are made in their names by the family or friends. A special interest in history or someone’s love for North Dakota can be acknowledged in this very special manner. 

Living Governors


All of North Dakota's governors serve as Honorary History's Trustees, playing an important leadership role by supporting the expansion dreams of the state's history agency.  All five living governors, pictured here celebrating the Grand Opening Celebration of the Heritage Center Expansion on Nov. 2, 2014, help lead the Trustee network. 



ND Governors



Former governors William Guy, Arthur Link, Allen Olson, George Sinner, Edward Schafer, and John Hoeven pose during their historic November 2001 forum celebrating the 20th anniversary of the North Dakota Heritage Center.




Honorary Trustees

Sakakawea - Honored as First Honorary Trustee by U.S. Representative Earl Pomeroy 

Theodore Roosevelt - Nominated as Honorary Trustee by U.S. Senator Byron Dorgan 

Governor William and Jean Guy, West Fargo, ND

Governor Arthur (deceased) and Grace Link, Bismarck, ND

Governor Allen and Barbara Olson, Chanhassen, MN

Governor George and Jane Sinner, Fargo, ND

Governor Edward and Nancy Schafer, Fargo, ND

Governor John and Mikey Hoeven, Bismarck, ND

Governor Jack and Betsy Dalrymple, Bismarck, ND 

Ervin (deceased) and Dorothy Bourgois (deceased) - Honored by Dr. Sally Bourgois Pratt, East Lansing, MI

Adrian R. Dunn (deceased) - Honored by wife Luella Dunn, Bismarck and son, W. Craig Dunn

Audrey Oliver - Honored by Bob and Marilyn Schlobohm, Bismarck, ND

Senator I.E. "Esky" Solberg (deceased) and Nellie Coad Solberg (deceased) - Honored by daughters Kay Solberg Link, Bismarck, ND and Jeanne Solberg Unruh, Laramie, WY

Sherman Quanbeck (deceased) - Honored by wife Loretta Quanbeck and family, Mandan, ND


History's Trustees

Lawrence O. Aasen, Westport, CT

Gary I. Anderson, Mandan, ND

Mark A. Anderson, BlackRidge Bank, Fargo, ND

Senator John Andrist, Crosby, ND

David R. and Janet Bailly, Fargo, ND

Emil and Marcia Baranko, Dickinson, ND

Basin Electric Power Cooperative, represented by Jen Holen, Bismarck, ND

BNC National Bank, Jan Nelson, Bismarck, ND

Cass-Clay Creamery, Fargo, ND

Charles and Suellen Bateman, Grand Forks, ND

Claudia Berg and Robert Matz, Bismarck, ND 

Gordon and Beth Berg, Devils Lake, ND

Nona Berg, Fargo, ND 

Dr. Albert I. and Pat Berger, Grand Forks, ND

Anne-Marit Bergstrom, Devils Lake, ND

Richard and Luise Beringer, Grand Forks, ND

Wally and Joyce Beyer, Bismarck, ND

Carey and Cindy Bittner, Bismarck, ND

David and Cathy Bliss, Bismarck, ND

Dennis Boyd, Bismarck, ND

James and Kristen Bullis, Family LLLP, Montgomery, Goff and Bullis at Law, Fargo, ND

Bill and Dina Butcher, Bismarck, ND 

Jocelyn Birch Burdick, retired U.S. Senator, Fargo, ND

Julie and Bradley (deceased) Burgum, Casselton, ND

Greg Butler, President, Gremada Industries, West Fargo, ND

Duane and Connie Bye, Bismarck, ND 

Robert L. and Sue Carlson, Jamestown, ND

Kevin L. Christianson, PACES Lodging Corporation, Fargo, ND

Audrey Cleary, Bismarck, ND

Gayle and Tom (deceased) Clifford , retired President, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND

Sara Otte Coleman, Bismarck, ND

U.S. Senator Kent Conrad and Lucy Calutti, Bismarck, ND

Patricia Scheel Crary, Fargo, ND

Howard and Ann Dahl, Amity Technology, LLC, Fargo, ND

John and Hannelore Davis, Jr., Bismarck, ND

Joel A. and Deb Davy, JLG Architects and Engineers, Fargo, ND

Kirk E. (deceased) and Stephanie Dean, Fargo, ND

Stevan and Connie Dewald, President, Lightowler Johnson Associates, Fargo, ND

Cordell and Mary Anderson Dick, Parkville, MO

Wallace J. (deceased) and Grace E. Dockter, Walnut Creek, CA

Lorraine Dopson, Bismarck, ND 

Darrell and Kathy Dorgan, Bismarck, ND

Luella Dunn, Bismarck, ND

Bob Eastgate, Eastgate Funeral Service, Bismarck, ND

Stan and Donna Engel, Bismarck, ND 

Larry (deceased) and Claryce Erickson, Minot, ND 

Chuck L. and Janet M. Esser, Bismarck, ND

Marvin A. Evenson, Sioux Falls, SD

Ralph and Naida Feland, Mandan, ND

Patrick M. Finken, President, Odney Advertising, Bismarck, ND

Foss and Associates, Fargo, ND

Helen Foughty, Devils Lake, ND

C. Wayne and Margie Fox, Vonore, TN

Joe and Sandi Frenzel, Dickinson, ND 

Betty Froeschle, Lake Havasu City, AZ

Jim Fuglie and Lillian Crook, Bismarck, ND

Ardis and Don (deceased) Gackle, Chairman of the Board, BHG, Inc., Garrison, ND

Gate City Bank, Steve J. Swiontek, Chairman, President, and CEO, Fargo, ND

Gereld and Marian (deceased) Gerntholz, Valley City, ND

Bruce Q. Gjovig, Director, Center for Innovation, UND, Grand Forks, ND

Representative Eliot Glassheim, Grand Forks, ND

Mary and Al (deceased) Golden, Golden Oil Company, Bismarck, ND

Patricia Mann Grantier, Bismarck, ND

Calvin and Cheryl Grinnell, New Town, ND

Senator Connie Triplett and Dr. Gerald H. Groenewold, Director, University of North Dakota Energy and Environmental Research Center, Grand Forks, ND

Michael D. and Lois Gustafson, Kindred, ND

Tim and Joey Haas, Houston, TX

E. Bruce Hagen, Bismarck, ND

Greg and Kathy Hansen, Fargo, ND

Armen M. and Connie E. Hanson, Farmers Union Insurance, Devils Lake, ND

Mary Broderick Harris, Bismarck, ND

Ruth Dahlgren Hartman, Ellensberg, WA

C. Edward and Faye Hasche, Bismarck, ND 

Joe and Florence Hauer, Bismarck, ND

Donald and Glenda Haugen, Fargo, ND

Carmen Hay, Bismarck, ND

Craig and Llonna Helenske, Fargo, ND

Dr. Warren and Rose Marie Henke, Bismarck, ND

Constance Hofland and Dr. Craig Johnson, Bismarck, ND 

Larry Dopson and Christine Hogan, Bismarck, ND

Maureen and Brent Holman, Serkland Law Firm, Fargo, ND

Dean Hornbacher, retired President, Hornbacher's Foods, Fargo, ND

Ray and Beverly Horne, Fargo, ND 

Robert M. and Deanne L. Horne, Fargo, ND

Harvey and Kathy Huber, President, Stutsman County State Bank, Jamestown, ND

Niles Hushka, CEO, Kadrmas, Lee and Jackson, Bismarck, ND

Industrial Builders, Inc., Donn Diederich, Fargo, ND

Gene and Sue Jackson, Dickinson, ND 

Dr. Thomas and Jo Ann Jacobsen, Hettinger Clinic West River Health, Hettinger, ND

Gary Jacobson, Mandan, ND

Alvin A. and Kathy Jaeger, Bismarck, ND

Illona A. and Paul C. Jeffcoat-Sacco, Bismarck, ND

Peter and Pamela Jerome, Devils Lake, ND 

Chris and Bonnie Johnson, Bismarck, ND

Jack (deceased) and Betty Johnson, engineering specialist, NDSU, Fargo, ND

Glen I. and Trudy E. Jorde, Clinic Pharmacy, Devils Lake, ND

Myron and Ruth Just, St. Paul, MN

Marvin Kaiser, Prescott, AZ

Dr. Gaylord and Cindy Kavlie, Bismarck, ND

Harris and Ardyth Kenner, Kenner Law Office, Minot, ND

Richard and Audrey Kloubec, Fargo, ND 

Mike and Teri Kraft, CEO, Economart of Williston, Williston, ND

Barbara S. Lang and A. Ruric Todd, III, Jamestown, ND

Dr. Tyrone and Rita Langager, Minot, ND

Heidi Heitkamp and Dr. Darwin Lange, Mandan, ND

Diane K. and Gregory L. Larson, Bismarck, ND

Donovan and Hidie Larson, Fargo, ND

Frank and Jo Andrea Larson, Valley City, ND

Joel and Carol Lees, Buchanan, ND

James and Margaret Leet, Newton, CT

Robert and Carol Leevers, Devils Lake, ND

Karl and Michelle Lembke, Bismarck, ND 

Reuben and Clarice Liechty, Jamestown, ND

Silas and Martha Liechty, Jamestown, ND

Kay Solberg Link, Bismarck, ND

George and Marilyn Loegering, Casselton, ND

Richard and Gloria Lokken, Minot, ND

John and Sharon Marshall, Director, Wild Rice Investments, LLC, Grand Forks, ND

Robert L. Mason, Fargo, ND

Roald and Marilyn Mattson, Minot, ND

Jim and Janet Maxson, Minot, ND

David and Linda McAdoo, Bismarck, ND

Barbara A. McCormick, Devils Lake, ND

Jon and Jeannen McMillan, Fordville, ND

MDU Resources Foundation, Rita O'Neill, Representative, Bismarck, ND

Betty Mills, Bismarck, ND 

Matthew Mohr, President, Dacotah Paper Company, Fargo, ND

Dennis R. Murphy, Bismarck, ND

Valerie J. Naylor, Superintendent, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Medora, ND

Virginia A. Nelsen, Executive Director, SHSND Foundation, Bismarck, ND

Chester E. Nelson, Jr., Bismarck, ND

Eugene and Connie Nicholas, Cando, ND

North Dakota Farmers Union, Mark Watne, President, Jamestown, ND

North Dakota Optometric Association, Nancy Kopp, Executive Director and Dr. James Woodward, Bismarck, ND

North Dakota Rural Development, Bismarck, ND

Diane Odegard, Grand Forks, ND

Ronald D. and Karen Offutt, CEO, R. D. Offutt Co., Fargo, ND

Jack and Velma (deceased) Olin, Dickinson, ND

Paul and Nancy Olson, Fargo, ND

Kathy and Merlan E. Paaverud, Jr., former Director, State Historical Society of ND, Bismarck, ND

John Q. Paulsen, Fargo, ND

Roger E. Persinger, Bismarck, ND

Robert and Peggy Peterson, Bismarck, ND

Darrell and Marlette Pittman, Bismarck, ND 

Noel R. and Mary F. Poe, Kanab, MO

Fletcher H. and Helen Poling, Bismarck, ND

Sally Bourgois Pratt, East Lansing, MI

Douglass A. Prchal and Tara S. Holt, Bismarck, ND

Peggy Puetz, Bismarck, ND

Loretta Quanbeck, Mandan, ND

Jeannette and Marcus (deceased) Radig, Bismarck, ND

Mark and Carole Richman, Coldwell Banker Commercial First Realty, Fargo, ND

Thomas J. and Ann Riley, Fargo, ND

Terrance M. and Dona Rockstad, CEO/Chairman of the Board, Dan's SuperMarket, Bismarck, ND

Larry A. and Faye Rolfson, Vice President, BlackRidge Bank, Bismarck, ND

Harold and Marilyn Rolfsrud, Keene, ND

T.J. Russell, President/CEO, Cloverdale Foods Company, Mandan, ND

Dr. Wayne and Mary Jane Sanstead, Superintendent of Schools, State of North Dakota, Bismarck, ND

Joe and Katherine Satrom, Bismarck, ND

Arlene Saugstad, Minot, ND

James L. and Louise Schiele, Devils Lake, ND

Bob and Marilyn Schlobohm, Bismarck, ND

William and Kay Schlosser, Bismarck, ND

Kelly Schmidt, Mandan, ND

Dalles E. and Sue Schneider, Bismarck, ND

Bill and Alice Schott, Bismarck, ND

David and Kristi Schott, Sugarland, TX

Earl Setterlund, Mandan, ND

Dave and Becky Skalsky, Bismarck, ND

Gerald and Marilyn Skogley, Bismarck, ND

Dr. Doris Slaaten, Minot, ND

Thomas and Julie Snortland, Sharon, ND

James E. and Gail Sperry, Bismarck, ND

David A. and Connie M. Sprynczynatyk, Bismarck, ND

Paul J. Steffes, Steffes Engineering, Dickinson, ND

Jan Ulferts Stewart, Fargo, ND

Louise Stockman, Vancouver, WA

DeWayne and Mona Streyle, United Community Bank, Leeds, ND

Chuck Stroup, Hazen, ND

Wayne A. Stroup, Garrison Bank and Trust, Garrison, ND

Marlo and Jane Sveen, Bismarck, ND

Tesoro Foundation, Dave Schollars, Mandan, ND

The Bismarck Tribune, Bismarck, ND

Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation, Randy Hatzenbuhler, Executive Director, Bismarck, ND

Cedric and Mary Theel, Bismarck, ND 

Lloyd Thompson, Chairman of the Board, Border States Paving, Fargo, ND

Enoch and Madeline Thorsgard, Northwood, ND

Karen and Alan (deceased) Traeholt, Bismarck, ND

Senator Jack and Jane Traynor, Devils Lake, ND

Thomas and Diane Turck, Bismarck, ND

Jeanne Solberg Unruh, Laramie, WY

USDA – US Forest Service, Dakota Prairie Grasslands, Bismarck, ND

Joan and John (deceased) Von Rueden, Bismarck, ND

Don and Gladys Walz, Bismarck, ND

Janet and Leo (deceased) Wanzek , West Fargo, ND

Richard and Mary Warner, Fargo, ND

Darlene and Clair Watne, Minot, ND

Richard W. Weber, Bismarck, ND

Susan E. and Robert O. Wefald, Bismarck, ND

Gerridee Wheeler, Bismarck, ND

Robert and Betty Wheeler, Minot, ND

Gary M. and Mavis Williamson, Minot, ND

Mary Faith Young, Jamestown, ND

Francis Ziegler, Bismarck, ND 

Mark Zimmerman, Bismarck, ND


Trustee Alumni

Mary and La Roy Baird, Bismarck, ND

Don and Pam Barsness, President, EAPC Architects Engineers, Bismarck, ND

Julie Bechtel, former publisher, The Bismarck Tribune, Bismarck, ND

Gary and Claudette Grandbois, Fargo, ND

Cornelius Grant, former director, North Dakota Rural Development, Bismarck, ND

Patricia K. Hansen, Fargo, ND

Dr. Marcia S. Kierscht, Alexandria, VA

Olivia H. Kingree, Devils Lake, ND

Ed and Sheila Klecker, Bismarck, ND

Dr. Charles and Adele Kupchella, former president, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND

Dr. Joe and Nila McCann, former president, Williston State College, Williston, ND

Sylvan N. and Caroline N. Melroe, Fargo, ND

Leif Peterson, retired Manager, Human Resources, Tesoro Company, Mandan, ND

Majorie and Sig (deceased) Peterson Almont, ND

Dr. Robert Potts, retired ND Chancellor of Education, Bismarck, ND

Jerry Renk, former president, BNC National Bank, Bismarck, ND

Dr. Lee Vickers, former president, Dickinson State University, Dickinson, ND,  Deanna Vickers, former Foundation Board member, Dickinson, ND


Deceased Trustees

Elaine Andrist, Crosby, ND

Lorraine "Larry" P. Benidt, Eden Prairie, MN

Patsy Beyer, Bismarck, ND 

Marilyn Davis, Bismarck, ND 

Warren and Irene Diederich, Industrial Builders, Inc., Fargo, ND

Austin G. Engel, Bismarck, ND

George "Woody" Gagnon, Bismarck, ND

David Heskett, former CEO, Chairman of the Board, MDU Resources, Bismarck, ND

Frank Jestrab, lawyer, Gaithersburg, MD

Joyce Kaiser, Williston, ND

Alvin H. Kenner, Alvin Kenner Farm, Leeds, ND

Jean Kiesau, Grand Forks, ND

Irving L. Melroe, Fargo, ND

Hollis and Theodora Nappen, Mandan, ND

Leah Schott, Mandan, ND

Yvonne Setterlund, Mandan, ND

Ardell Tharaldson, Bismarck, ND

Michael B. Unhjem, Fargo, ND