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Teachers tour Welk Homestead, learn about North Dakota heritage

Posted 7/27/23 (Thu)


BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Our education and our history are the foundations of North Dakota. And the Heritage Center is uniting the two.

The Heritage Center is hosting an educational conference about German and Russian history in our state.

The conference provides area teachers with resources they can use to help students learn about North Dakota’s history — but this doesn’t mean the teachers don’t get to learn, too. They spend each day at different workshops and even get an opportunity to tour the homestead where the great Lawrence Welk grew up.

“I’m from Georgia,” explained New Town Social Studies teacher Linda Grizzle. “I know lots about Georgia history, but nothing about North Dakota history. That was the key thing that I wanted to learn about coming here, so learning some stuff today about the different homesteads and how everything was grouped was pretty cool.”

The conference will run through July 27 at the Heritage Center.