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Foundation Receives Grant from North Dakota Community Foundation

Posted 10/27/23 (Fri)

The State Historical Society of North Dakota Foundation is honored to have been awarded a grant from the North Dakota Community Foundation's Statewide Greatest Needs Fund. This grant aims to enhance the well-being of North Dakota residents. The grant will enable the Foundation to upgrade its computer systems and establish a public-facing platform dedicated to hosting the ND Heritage Family Memorial Program. This program encompasses the archival storage of over 15,000 obituaries, which will now be readily accessible to the public through the State Archives.

 The North Dakota Community Foundation awarded $207,850 in grants from its Statewide Greatest Needs (Unrestricted) Fund to 56 organizations across the state working to improve the quality of life for state residents.  

“Our philosophy has always been to let the people in North Dakota tell us what they need, we don’t tell them what WE think they need,” said Kevin J. Dvorak, President & CEO of NDCF. “These grant awards represent a wide variety of  projects and programs across our state that improve the quality of life for area residents and we are happy to help fund them.”