The Chautauqua Training Institute

Posted 12/10/22 (Sat)

In partnership with the State Historical Society of North Dakota Foundation, Humanities North Dakota has spent 2022 strengthening the modern Chautauqua movement by hosting the Chautauqua Training Institute, a year-long incubator program that seeks to identify, prepare, and support more scholars to develop presentations in the personae of important historical figures and to perform as those personalities for public audiences.

As we near the end of this year-long program, the eleven Chautauqua Institute students are preparing to present their chosen Chautauqua character on the virtual stage in January and February, 2023. They have worked hard to conceptualize, research, and create their own Chautauqua character. We hope to gather a large audience for their premiere event with the hopes that other organizations will also invite them to their stages.

Here is the order and registration links for each week:

Jan 8, 9, 10, 2023

Encountering the Natural World

4 PM, January 8 - Rachel Carson (Katie Knutson)

7 PM, January 9 - Junko Tabei (Bowen Lee)

7 PM, January 10 - Mardy Murie (Coral Conant Gilles)

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Jan 15, 17, 2023

Encountering The Cultural World

4 PM, January 15 - Marion Woodman (Laura Deal)

7 PM, January 17 - Carl Jung (Bruce Henderson)

Registration link:


Jan 29, 30, 31, 2023

Encountering The Social World

4 PM, January 29 - Walt Whitman (Patrick Scully)

7 PM, January 30 - Josiah Henson (Eric Robinson)

7 PM, January 31 - Richard Wright (Darryl Wellington)

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Feb 5, 6, 7, 2023

Encountering The World Of Work

4 PM, February 5 - Kasturba Gandhi (Roopa Mohan)

7 PM, February 6 - Frances Perkins (Jarice Hanson)

7 PM, February 7 - Michael Mooney (James Walsh)

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