History's Heroes

The State Historical Society of North Dakota Foundation continues to seek out History's Heroes in each of the state's 53 counties, who will pledge $10,000 over five years for continued investment in showcasing North Dakota’s history. History's Heroes helped the Foundation raise $12 million for the second phase of the Heritage Center's expansion, and they continue to invest in preserving and presenting our state's great heritage.

For more information about the History's Heroes project, download this brochure or contact Foundation Executive Director Dale Lennon at 701-222-1976 or dale@statehistoricalfoundation.org. Follow the lead of some of our History's Heroes and invite your family members to join you in representing your county. 

The January 2008 issue of North Dakota Living magazine tells more about the History's Heroes program.  To view the article, click on the link below. Download the North Dakota Living article on History's Heroes.

Our History's Heroes and the counties they represent:

Bottineau County

Marvin and Benda Sveen Family
     Marlo and Jane Sveen, Bismarck
     Oline Kane, Fargo
     Kari and Allen Knudson, Bismarck
     Betty Hiatt, Tower City
     Clarisse and Charles Anderson, Minot
     Jean and Lyle Sevre, Wildrose
     Margaret and Roger Nelson, Fargo

Norman and Gladys Hofland Family
     Connie Hofland and Craig Johnson, Bismarck
     Jane and Marlo Sveen, Inver Grove Heights, MN
     Susan Hofland, Minot
     Dan and Barb Hofland, Fargo
     Marianne Hofland, Bismarck
     Rheta Beaver, Kirklin, IN
     Donna and Stan Engel, Cedar Falls, IA

Burke County

Mike Gustafson, Kindred

Mike Gustafson, Kindred -- Edward Keller Family

Carol Jean Larsen, Bismarck

City of Portal

Burleigh County

Marian Fruh, Bismarck

Joan Klemer, Bismarck

Betty Mills, Bismarck

Hollis Nappen, Bismarck

John Sakariassen, Bismarck

Helen Sorlie, Bismarck

Fern Swenson, Bismarck

Cass County

Governor Jack and Betsy Dalrymple, Casselton

Mike Gustafson, Kindred

Don Haugen, Fargo

Richard Kloubec, Fargo

Matthew Mohr, Fargo

Lynn and Joyce Overboe, Kindred

Divide County

John Andrist, Crosby

Mike Unhjem, Fargo

Dunn County

Ella Nayes, Bismarck

Emmons County

Michael Miller, Fargo

Grand Forks County

Governor Al and Barbara Olson, Chanhassen, MN

Hettinger County

Virginia Nelsen, Bismarck

TC and Johanna Nelsen Family
     Virginia Nelsen, Bismarck
     Katherine Schafer, Bismarck

LaMoure County

F.C. Humphrey, Pocatello, ID

Logan County

Alvera Bergquist, Bismarck 

McKenzie County

Larry Rolfson, Bismarck

McLean County

Don Gackle, Garrison

Morton County

Robert and Lewista (Hanley) Paris Family
     Jack and Kristin Paris, Mandan

Earl Setterlund, Mandan

Ann Jenks, Bowling Green, OH

Nelson County

Loretta Quanbeck, Mandan

Ramsey County

Olav and Ruth Bye Family
     Duane Bye, Bismarck
     Garry Bye, Cambridge, MN
     Ann Tuset, Cambridge, MN

Stark County

Kenneth P. and Mary Wherley Mann Family 
     Pat Grantier, Mendota Heights, MN

Jack Olin, Dickinson

Paul Steffes, Dickinson

Stutsman County

A.R. Todd, Jr. and Keely Todd
     Art Todd, III and Barb Lang, Jamestown
     Cindy and Jim Tanner, Denver, CO                                                                                                     
Towner County

Governor Al and Barbara Olson, Chanhassen, MN 

Traill County

Lynn and Joyce Overboe, Kindred

Walsh County

Jon and Jeannen McMillan, Fordville

Ward County

Glenneys and Norma Berg, Minot

Robert and Deanne Horne, Fargo

Senator John and Mikey Hoeven, Bismarck

Williams County

Cyndy Aafedt, Williston

Marv Kaiser, Prescott, AZ

Donna Mae Skistad, Tioga

Other History's Heroes

Brad Miller, Bismarck

Bruce and Julie Schwartz, Bismarck

David Sprynczynatyk, Bismarck

Jim Poolman, Bismarck

Mark and Claudia Thompson, Bismarck

Merl Paaverud, Bismarck

Rick Becker, Bismarck

Tom and Katie Hutchens, Bismarck

Craig Sommerville -- Sommerville Wilson, Arden Hills, MN

Michael Johnson, Denver, CO