Hall of Honors Electronic Kiosk - Memorial Program

A state-of-the-art addition to the North Dakota Heritage Center in Bismarck recognizes supporters and donors, honors fallen Peace Officers, and preserves the memory of thousands of North Dakotans. 

The Hall of Honors Electronic Kiosk is a 32-inch touch screen located in the North Dakota Heritage Center. Visitors can navigate between screens that provide the history of the Heritage Center expansion project and its donors, list Foundation Trustees, and present the Peace Officer Memorials and the Heritage Family Memorials. 

The North Dakota Peace Officer Memorial Program honors fallen officers with highlights of their lives and careers. 

The North Dakota Heritage Family and Funeral Home Memorials are sponsored by the North Dakota Funeral Directors Association. They present life stories of deceased North Dakotans who were provided services by the following 12 funeral homes statewide: 

  • Buehler-Larson Funeral Home, Mandan
  • Weigel Funeral Home, Mandan
  • Eastgate Funeral Services, Bismarck
  • Parkway Funeral Service, Bismarck
  • Everson Funeral Home, Williston
  • Fulkerson Funeral Home,Tioga
  • Fulkerson Funeral Home, Watford City
  • Fulkerson Funeral Home, Williston
  • Lisko Funeral Home, Jamestown
  • Myers Funeral Home, Linton
  • Nero Funeral Home, Bottineau, and
  • Thomas Family Funeral Home, Minot

Records come in to the SHSND Foundation from funeral homes, where staff and volunteers format, edit and archive each memorial.  They then send them out to family for input and approval before being put into the kiosk. The database for the kiosk, which has more than 6,000 memorials, is being constantly updated as new memorials and donor information are received. It was developed by Vision Technology of Bismarck, which builds memorial kiosks for veterans groups across the country.

Sponsors of the kiosk project are the North Dakota Peace Officers Association and Foundation, the North Dakota Funeral Directors Association, and SHSND Foundation members Carey Bittner, Loretta Quanbeck and family, Bob Eastgate, and William and Alice Schott, all of Bismarck.