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SHSND Budget Approved by Legislature

Posted 5/01/13 (Wed)

The expanded North Dakota Heritage Center will feature The Hub of History, which will be a series of kiosks where visitors will learn about the state’s rich cultural, historical, ecological, agricultural, and Main Street tourism venues. This photograph provides a view of The Hub of History as seen from the entrance to The Innovation Gallery: Early Peoples. The copper sheeting is now completed in the Corridor of History and in the south hall, which is shown here leading to the James River Café, located at the end of the hall on the right. Photograph by Brian R. Austin, SHSND.

The State Historical Society of North Dakota’s budget for the 2013-15 biennium has been approved by the North Dakota Legislature. During the legislative session a long series of Conference Committee meetings were held regarding HB 1018. We are pleased to tell you that HB 1018 was reconciled and approved by the Conference Committee on Saturday, April 27 after two committee meetings that day. HB 1018 has since been approved by both the Senate and the House.  

The State Historical Society of North Dakota and its Foundation are thankful for the funding that was appropriated. The Society’s budget total was $15,481,811, with an increase of $180,440 from the Governor’s recommended budget numbers. 

SHSND Budget Highlights - HB 1018:  

The final approved State Historical Society of North Dakota budget had a number of key elements including salary increases for staff, some pay equity dollars, additional operating funds for the new building as well as monies for 5 full-time positions, and a flexible pool of $950,000 was created for temporary staff and/or to take care of restoration projects at state historic sites as appropriate.  With the new North Dakota Heritage Center opening, funding will meet the new needs and provide services to the public as required. The State Historical Society is very grateful for the support provided.


  • $950,000 Flexible Pool of Funding which may be used for staff or projects as deemed appropriate by the State Historical Society. These include:
    • Temporary salaries for Heritage Center expansion staffing
    • Technology Coordinator Fulltime Position
    • Traveling/temporary exhibits for The Governors Gallery
    • North Dakota 125th Anniversary of Statehood Celebration
    • Stutsman County Court House repairs/restoration
    • Fort Totten State Historic Site repairs/restoration
    • Lawrence Welk Homestead purchase and operation.