Heritage Center Hall of Honors Kiosk

The electonic kiosk in the Heritage Center Hall of Honors features the biographies of recognized leaders in North Dakota's newspaper industry. This resource is sponsored by the North Dakota Newspaper Association and the NDNA Education Foundation.


Legacy Program

The Legacy Program is a joint project between the State Historical Society of North Dakota  Foundation, city and county historical societies and state newspapers.  Its purpose is to publish feature stories in local newspapers about people who have made a difference in their communities. The published stories will then be added to this website and to the Archives collection of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.



The first Legacy Program project is a joint effort of the Mandan Historical Society and the Mandan News.



Mandan Historical Society/Mandan News feature stories:                   

Alfred Burton Welch 

Alice Dahners

Dan Collins

Elijah Boley

Era Bell Thompson

Esther Davis

Franklin Anders

Frederic Gerard

George Armstrong Custer

George Marback

Gilbert Furness

Henry Coe

Henry Dahners

Hiram Lyon

Hoy Russell

James Hanley, Jr.

James Hanley, Sr.

John Delbert Allen

Leo Broderick

Elizabeth Custer

Mary Broderick Harris

Mary Stark

Rolland Ray Lutz

Ron Erhardt

Tony Dean

Walter Tostevin

Zalmon Gilbert